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Information Gathered
Car Brand - Model - Year: Fiat-PuntoGrande-2006

Car's Smallest Stock Tyre Size: 165/70R14
Selected Rim
Brand Model Size PCD Offset Color Price Stock Status Quantity to Buy
RM Team Rims 5716 GunMetal Polished 14 X 6 4X100 35 Gun Metal Full Polish S$110 Low (Qty:4)
Selected Tyre
Brand Model Size Load Index Speed Rating UTQG Price Stock Status Quantity to Buy
Bridgestone Sporty Style MY-02

Performance Tyres
175/70R14 84 H 0 S$90 Low (Qty:4) Quantity:
If you buy these 4 RM Team Rims-5716 GunMetal Polished-14-inch rims with Bridgestone-Sporty Style MY-02-175/70R14 tyres,
it will be $720 (Install Price after 10% off)

Arrangement Details for installation
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