Tyre Size Validator(can your car fit other tyre size?)
Questions about Rims & Tyres Question:195/55 r15 is it ok for toyota vios 1.3
195/55 r15 is it ok for toyota vios 1.3

Can I put 175 70 14 wheel on picanto 2009

I have picanto 2009 with stock tire specs 165/60R14, can I replace it with 175/65R14?

can I go from p185/75r14 to p185/60r14

What if my current tyre size more than 3% from the stock. what is the impact?

Testing of Rapid tyres model 309 and 307 comfort tyres

Is Rapid Sagitar trustable brand? From what I see, its like OEM tyres from china. Anyone can verify?

getz hunydai what tyres suitable

my car vibrated during hi speed after buying from a second hand tyre from car owner. what happen? pls advise

singapore legal tyre thread limit is 1.6mm deep? y here is 3mm deep minimum?

How many rim & tyre brand, models, sizes do SgTyres have here?

website abit messy, but can i list only my store tyres? so to prevent competition.

Is it bad to choose comfort tyres wif hard suspension?

Dear All, I am driving a 2004 Toyota Vios Original Rim with 175/65 R14 tyres. Can I change to 185/65 R14 (instead os 185/60) without changing the rim and not causing any problem?

How would I install the purchased items from them? they come or we go to the tyre shop they told to?

I tested the Tyres & Rims. Sometimes it is very slow. . Can be improved?

Is there a run-in for tyres? I heard people saying tyres must run in. is it true?

Will SgTyres.com provide mobile services?

I have upgrade my fit to 17rims rims. i found that the rim hit the fender. what should I do?

I bought a vios, what is the max size of rim can go in? wana make my new ride chio =p

How long a tyres can last?1yr,2yrs,5yrs, 10yrs?

Y my front rims always hard to clean and stain with oil stains? rear rims looks fine and cleaner.

What are the 3 key features "Change Tyres & Rims", "Change Tyres Only" and "Change Rims Only" for? When is going to be up?

More Spokes for rims is it good? 5 spoke easy to wash, 14spoke to hard to wash cos too many

y BMW can't fit Hyundai Sonata rims?

How much pressure is ok for my car? I first time pump air for my tyres.

Buy 2nd hand tyre good? cos can save

If I found out my tyre puncture on expressway, what should i do?

Is width of tyres very important?

What's the difference with other site and sgtyres?

Heavy rim better or light rims?

I realise that when I corner during slip roads on expressway, my car feels like its gona flip over. any tyres good in cornering?

After 20,000km of drive, i found that my stirring wheel vibrates. what happen?

I bought a Kia Picanto, may i noe wat are tyres and rims to buy?

What is this website all about?

I can't find my car model inside the (Change Tyres & Rims) by Car Brand & Model? How can I find my fittable rims & tyres for my car?

What type of tyres should I buy if I want to have good FC?

Can. 185/55r15 is mostly used on 15inch rims. 195/55r15 no issues

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